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Executive, Outsourcing project team

Purpose of position:

Reporting to the Senior Executive, Outsourcing project team, the Executive should delivery the daily work of the clients under her/his control, solve routine problems, and ensure the silent running of payroll, social insurance, tax declaration, employee life cycle management etc.. Responsible for preparing/communicating the 1st step documents/materials per required.

Key Results/ Accountabilities expected from position:

• Help Senior Executive to develop and administer compensation and benefits policies and procedures per request;
• Collects and maintains C&B information like government regulations;
• Executes daily C&B operations: salary calculation and payment, social benefits, housing fund and IIT operation and administration;
• Conduct the 1st level C&B communications to clients& employees;
• Other relevant operations in C&B per request.

Key challenges faced on the position
Highlight the critical challenges faced in delivering the role in the context of the accountabilities highlighted in section 4 above
• Ensure the data 100% accuracy and timely delivery;
• Facing the diversified clients’ industry and different company cultures;
• EXCEL, WORD skill and in-depth understand the labour law, IT regulations etc..

Any Other Relevant Information 

The assigned clients may adjust from time to time according  to company business development and the candidate’s comprehensive abilities. 

Experience & Expertise (Typical educational qualification& experience)

1.Educational background
• Bachelor degree or above
• Japanese, 1st level, fluent communication both orally and in written
• Human Resource management and/or the relevant majors are preferred

2.Experience (years and nature)
• 2-3 working experience, more than 1 year in the C&B function is preferred
• Basic knowledge of China payroll, tax and social security systems, China Employment labour Law and the relevant regulations
• Good MS-office skills, especially for EXCEL

• Demonstrated personal credibility
• Good attitude, responsible, quick-learning, and teamwork; 
• Good communication skill
• Can work under pressure
• Be willing to take business travel

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