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Position Location Industry Function Working Experience Updated Date
R&D Director Shanghai Automotive Engineering more than 10 years 2015-07-09
心电图技师 Shanghai Pharm Technician more than 10 years 2015-07-09
副主任药剂师 Shanghai Pharm Pharmacist 5-10 years 2015-07-09
影像中心技士 Shanghai Pharm Technician 1-3 years 2015-07-09
Technical Specialist Shanghai Service IT 5-10 years 2015-07-09
Product Specialist Shanghai Service Product 3-5 years 2015-07-09
Sales Shanghai Manufacturing Sales more than 1 year 2015-07-09
品牌副经理/高级专员 上海 人力资源行业 品牌副经理/高级专员 具有相关品牌管理工作经验三年以上,有IT 互联网品牌推广经验者优先考虑 2016-05-23
Senior Automation Engineer Shanghai or eventually Shenyang Our client is one of the global leaders in the manufacture of plastics processing machines Senior Automation Engineer Min. 5 years 2016-01-13
Process Engineer 太仓 外资第三方物流集团 Process Engineer 3-5 years 2016-01-13
TPM Manager 上海/浙江 外资500强快消行业公司 TPM Manager 3年以上 2016-01-13
华北区运输操作经理 北京 外资第三方物流集团 运输操作经理 5-10年 2016-01-13 | HR论坛 | 上海人才服务行业协会 | link | link | link | link


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