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Are the overseas companies that plan to make
an investment in China or the Chinese enterprises which try to set up
branches abroad faced with the following challenges?
Talent Spot will help you start your business in China within 24 hours even if without an office or a registered company in China.
The one stop professional services of Talent Spot will become your business partner and support team in China.

Our APAC Branches

We can help you:
  • Market Exploitation Stage

    Assess the risks and advantages of the target market in a timely manner
    Set up a local team as soon as possible
    Handle the procedures related to qualification and certification as required
    Eliminate the risks related to laws or regulations
    Help companies go into operation quickly

  • Rapid Growth Stage

    Provide various talents quickly as required
    Focus on key business
    Make the sales volume grow
    Develop or revoke business flexibly

  • Stable Development Period

    Save manpower cost and management cost
    Realize remote management
    Differential management in different regions
    Well-organized and standardized daily operation

Service Details
Advantages of Talent Spot
Our business covers over 100 cities
Easily support trans-regional projects
Our reserve of talents exceeds 100,000 people–
Meet the requirements of various positions
We’ve ever served more than 1,000 clients
Clearly know enterprises’ pain points.

CALL US NOW: +86-150 -2197-7046


T: +86-150-2197-7046

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