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HR Outsourcing
Are you troubled with:
  • The lack of staff in HR department cannot support the fast expansion of your company.
  • The messy HR affairs make HR unable to uphold the development of company’s core business.
  • HR is exhausted with business trip in different cities due to the redundant branches of your company.
  • HR with fear of any mistakes,suffers from the coordination of different insurance base among different cities in China.
  • The incoming overseas enterprise unfamiliar with the labor law and policy in China, urgently requires the help from the professionals.
  • ......
  • Hand over your professional affairs to professionals!
  • We will undertake your burden and relax you your work!
  • Talent Spot HR Outsourcing will solve your problems in “all HR basic affairs from entry of eachnew employee totheir separation”, help your company simplify the complexity, improve your efficiency and control the costs.

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CALL US NOW: +86-150 -2197-7046


T: +86-150-2197-7046

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