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Our Successful Cases

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Past Events

Under New Digital Era, HR Is No Longer Just An HR – Employer Branding 2.0

Talent Spot Themed Social Night

2015 Talent-Spot HR Salon Shanghai Event

Managing & Steering HR through Economic Turbulence

2015 Talent-Spot HR Salon Beijing Event

HR Circle Roundtable: A Better Way of Managing Lay-Offs

2015 Talent-Spot HR Salon Shanghai Event

2015 Talent-Spot HR Salon Suzhou Event

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Talent Spot No.1 for Best HR Service Providers in Greater China 2015-2016”

China HR tomorrow The Summit


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Talent Spot | How to legally hire Chinese employees without a legal entity in China?

Talent Spot | What Are Advantages of Contract Staffing

what is contract staffing here in China

what are the differences between contract staffing and labor dispatching

Policy & Regulations

Talent Spot |Payroll Services in China

Talent Spot |Categories of Foreigners are Exempted from Employment licenses and Permits

Talent Spot |Tips To Recruit In China

Talent Spot |Canada-China Foreign Investment: Strengthening of Canada-China Commercial Relationship

Talent Spot |New Regime for China Foreign Direct Investment

Talent Spot |China Government Will Begin Sorting Foreigners into Three Categories

Talent Spot |Employment in China’s Technology Industry

Talent Spot |Salary Rise of 8-15% for Skilled Talents in China

Talent Spot | Aspects to Consider When Hiring in China

Talent Spot |Policy on Companies Paying Social Insurance for Foreigners

Talent Spot |Job Center Focuses More on Helping Foreigner’s Employment Life in China

Talent Spot |New Guidelines Released for Contract Employment

Talent Spot|Policy Drives the Ascent of the Chinese Contractor

Talent Spot|Singapore Tightens Rule of Hiring Foreign Worker

Talent Spot|Understand the Realities of Business in Singapore to Build Your Team

Talent Spot|Workplace and Occupational Safety

Talent Spot|Limitation on the Role of Secondees

Talent Spot|Qualification of Staffing Firms in China

Talent Spot|Important Duties and Obligations of Employers in Singapore

Talent Spot|Employment Act Overview

Talent Spot|When You Start to Hire in Singapore

Talent Spot |Key Aspects of Social Insursance and Housing Funds

Talent Spot |Payroll in APAC: China

Talent Spot |Labour Dispatch and Dispatched Workers

Talent Spot |Points to Note Regarding Staff Recruitment

Talent Spot |The Advantages of Setting Up Sales Office in China

Talent Spot |Rules and Guidelines for Employing Foreigner In China.

Talent Spot |Selecting The Right Staffing Firm For Foreign-and Foreign Invested Companies

Talent Spot |Selecting The Right Staffing Firm For Representing Office

Talent Spot |Shanghai Free Trade Zone Company Registration

Talent Spot |When To Hire A Chinese Employees Legally

Talent Spot |The Trend of Labor Dispatch in China

Talent Spot |What to Consider When Hiring Staff in china

Talent Spot |Comparison of China Company Formation

Talent Spot |Planning to Hire Employees in China? Know the Rules and Policies Before You Do

Talent Spot |Employers Must Consider Liability Risk for Their Employees’ Electronic Communications

Talent Spot |Chinese Company Formation — Forming A Wholly Foreign Owned Entity In China

Talent Spot |How To Hire Chinese Employee Legally Without Chinese Entities?

Talent Spot |Chinese Public Holidays Impact The Working Days

Talent Spot |Shanghai Is The First Wish To Work Choice In China

Talent Spot |Paying Foreign Employees in China: Individual Income Tax

Talent Spot |New Trends in Cooperating with Staffing Firms in China

Talent Spot | The Ecstasy Of Forming A China Subsidiary Company

Talent Spot | Company Formation In China

Talent Spot |China Payroll And Taxation

Talent Spot | Legal Services Reform in China: Limitations, Policy Perspectives, and Strategies for the Future

Talent Spot | Talent Policies To Help Transform Shanghai

Talent Spot | Insurance regulations abound in China's evolving market

Regulation | Legal Issues About Setting Up Business In China Market

Talent Spot | Overview Levels Of Wage And Employment In China

Talent Spot |China Tightens Loophole On Hiring Temporary Workers

How to Hire Part Time Employees in China

Talent Spot | Chinese Labor Laws - Employment Contracts

Policy | Slow pace of salary increase blamed on economic slowdown

Policy | The State Council: October to reduce the rate of industrial injury and maternity insurance

Policy | Shanghai releases the 2015 enterprise wage increase guideline

Policy | Shanghai issues new Overseas Talents Residence Permit Management Methods

Policy | Shanghai issues 20 new talent policies

Policy | Shanghai issues employment and business startup guiding document

Policy | Provinces establish employee welfarestandards

Policy | Provinces establish employee welfarestandards

Ten common Q&As on Work Visa of foreigners in China

Policy | Shanghai issues 20 new talent policies

Policy | Unifying the Unemployment Insurance System for Urban and Rural Areas

HR Management

Talent Spot |Why Choose Temporary and Contract Employees?

Talent Spot | Contract vs. Permanent Which Would Work Better for your Company

Talent Spot |Employment Strategy for Hiring in China

Talent Spot |Successful Business in China Using Employee Leasing Services

Talent Spot |Work with Executive Search Firm to Hire High Executive Position in China

Talent Spot |Key Differences Between Corporate Recruiters and Staffing Agency Recruiters

Talent Spot |When Do You Need to Hire A Staffing Agency

Talent Spot |How Company Values the Most from Recruiters

Talent Spot |Six Awesome Benefits for Using RPO

Talent Spot |5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees More Than Money

Talent Spot |Overseas Expansion Adds Hidden Payroll Costs and Risks

Talent Spot |How Employee Engagement Matters to Company Performance

Talent Spot |Guide to Work with an Executive Search Firm

Talent Spot |The Power of Weak Ties in Recruitment

Talent Spot |How Executive Search Firms Avoid Executive Hire Mistakes

Talent Spot |The Value of Executive Recruiters

Talent Spot |New Recruitment Technology Connects Stronger Relationship between Job Seeker and Recruiter

Talent Spot |The Main Benefits of Outsourcing HR Can Increase Productivity

Talent Spot |Make the Right Choice on HR Outsourcing & HR Management

Talent Spot |4 Factors to Consider in Outsourcing Your Human Resource Function

Talent Spot |Use Recruitment Agency: Save Time and Money

Talent Spot |Small Business Recruiting: Leveraging the Strength

Talent Spot |Ten Things to Consider before Signing the Contract

Talent Spot |Difference Between Part Time, Temporary, and Seasonal Employees in China

Talent Spot|Seven Trends for Creating a Hiring Process

Talent Spot|Recruiting the Right Person in the Digital Way

Talent Spot|3 Key Elements in Designing Gen Y Friendly Recruitment Strategie

Talent Spot| Singapore Supports High Volumes of Contingent Workers

Talent Spot was Selected as "Recommended HR Supplier in Asia-Pacific Region"

Talent Spot|Overcome Hiring Challenges in a Competitive Market

Talent Spot| What to Get Most From Staffing Company

Talent Spot|How Do Staffing Agency Work?

Talent Spot|Think Before You Select the Right Staffing Firm

Talent Spot| Hiring Executive Talent Must Be Creative and Adaptable

Talent Spot|5 Advantages of Having Staffing Company

Talent Spot|What To Consider Before You Select a Staffing Agency

Talent Spot|Staffing Firm: Try Before You Buy

Talent Spot|This is Why You’re Not Getting Hired

Talent Spot|Staffing Firms Find Talent Fast

Talent Spot| High-cost Employment Push Companies To Hire Temp Staff

Talent Spot| Think Before Choosing The Recruitment Agency

Talent Spot|Tough to Hire Offshore?

Talent Spot Won the “Trustworthy Human Resources Services Unit” for Three Consecutive Years

Talent Spot was Selected as "Recommended HR Supplier in Asia-Pacific Region"

Talent Spot|Who Is A Part-time Employee

Talent Spot|Contract Vs Permanent Which Work Better For Your Company

Talent Spot|Temp Staffing in Singapore

Talent Spot|What to Prepare When You Interview at Temp Agency

Talent Spot|How Temp Agencies Work

Talent Spot|Advantage of Being A Temporary Employee

Talent Spot|Why To Be A Temporary Employee

Talent Spot | Do Not Mess Up Payroll

Talent Spot|When to Outsource Your Small Business HR

Talent Spot|Benefits of HR Outsourcing

Talent Spot|The Advantage of Outsourcing You HR Function

Talent Spot | What is HR Outsourcing

Talent Spot|Hiring? Avoid These Five Mistakes

Talent Spot|6 Ways to Ensure You're Recruiting the Best Talent

Talent Spot|What to Pay Temps and Contract Workers

Talent Spot Won the “Best HR Supplier”: An Interpretation of Craftsmanship in HR Service Industry

Singapore Branch of Talent Spot Was Founded

Talent Spot|Working with Temporary and Contract Employees

Talent Spot|Why Choose Temporary and Contract Employment

Talent Spot|Why Hire Temporary and Contract Workers

Talent Spot Won the "The Customer Satisfaction Award for HR Service in Greater China 2015-2016"

Talent Top is Listed at 2015 Best 100 HR Service Brands in Greater China

Talent Spot |What Do Contractors Offer?

Talent Spot | Are Contractors Really More Expensive than Permanent Staff?

Talent Spot |How Does Payroll Service Work in China

Talent Spot |Payroll outsourcing in China: How it can help you

Talent Spot |Ways of Staff Recruitment in China

Talent Spot |Is Labor Dispatch Fading Away? Not That Simple

Talent Spot |Hiring Local Staff Through Staffing Agency

Talent Spot |How to Hire the Right Candidate Every Time

Talent Spot |Tips To Recruit In China

Talent Spot |How Can A Payroll Service Provider Help A Company

Talent Spot |Benefits For Outsourcing The Payroll In China

Talent Spot |Successful Business in China Using Employee Leasing Services

Talent Spot |Common Mistakes When Hiring Expatriate Employees to Set Up and Run Your China Entity

Talent Spot |What's Your Employment Strategy For Hiring in China

Talent Spot |Hiring Chinese Employees Through A Professional Staffing Company

Talent Spot |Recruiters Make The Difference

Talent Spot |The Top 10 Reasons To Outsource

Talent Spot |Offshore Outsourcing:Hight Quality Service At Low Cost

Talent Spot |Reasons To Choose Contract Staffing

Talent Spot | Why Contract Staffing Continues to Evolve in 2016

Talent Spot |In China, Recruiting Gets Social

Talent Spot | Hiring the Best Chinese Candidates Requires a Sound Strategy

Talent Spot | Mobile Recruitment A Prominent Reformer

Talent Spot | HR Outsourcing: A Developed Practice In China

Talent Spot | Key Benefits of Company Formation In China

Talent Spot | China Payroll: Deciphering the Role of HROs

Talent Spot | Next Wave: Talent As A Service

Talent Spot | HR One Stop Service Is On The Move

Talent Spot |Outsourcing HR: Big Savings for Small Business

Talent Spot |Trends and Tides in HR Management

Talent Spot | Hiring and Managing Employees in China

Talent Spot | How to Transform and Upgrade HR when Human Resources are “Outsourced”

Talent Spot | Human Resources Outsourcing—The First Station for HR Transformation and Upgrading

Talent Spot | Reform of the Supply Front Encourages the Trend of Talent Outsourcing

Talent Spot | Winning the “Client Satisfaction Award” in the “Best HR Service Providers in Greater China 2015-2016”

Six Talent Trends of China in 2016: Talent Outsourcing Becoming a Hot Spot

Four steps help you choose the right “outsourcing talents”

The 10 Key Deliverables of HR Shared Service Center


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